AI Photo Enhancer

AI Photo Enhancer



Version : 1.2.1 (49)
Update : Apr 26, 2024
Developer : AI Photo Team
Category : Photography
Google Play ID :

About this app

Want to enhance blurry, pixelated, and damaged photos to amazing HD quality? Try AI Photo Enhancer, and refresh your precious memories with just one click!

Based on cutting-edge AI technology, AI Photo Enhancer boasts its incredible effects that instantly turn your 10 years even 20 years old photos into HD selfies as if they were taken with the latest phone, with incredible eye detail and perfect skin texture.

With this amazing photo enhancer, you can easily restore, deblur, enhance any photos you want, revitalize your old family photos, and reminisce those old times together. 🥰


Optimize portrait details
Auto recognize faces in selfies or group photos, and enhance facial details with one tap.

Restore old photos
Repair damaged and scratched photos and give your old photos new life.

Beautify your selfies with AI
Beautify your photos with advanced AI algorithms, elevating the attractiveness of your portraits.

Colorize photos
Infuse and restore vibrant colors to your cherished black-and-white memories, breathing new life into the old photos.

Cartoonize your photos
Transform your photos into charming cartoons with just a tap and craft personalized AI avatars to make your social profile stand out.

Powerful photo editor
Provide you with various filters and editing tools to further enhance your photos.

Improve photo resolution
Increase any photos' resolution by 200%, 500% or even over 800% to stunning HD quality.

Clear picture
Unblur photo and make photo clearer.

Enhance real-time photos
Support enhancement of real-time photos.

More features are on the way, stay tuned!

AI Enhancer, makes your memories no longer blurred! Download it now to witness photos' miraculous changes and remini your precious moments right away!

We welcome any feedback and comments. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via We will work hard to bring you a better experience.

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